Your Guide To Helping You Find The Best Commercial Pressure Washer


For most cleaning companies, one of their secret weapons includes using a commercial pressure washer. These significantly help the company get rid of the gunk in a short period of time, as compared to manually brushing and scrubbing it off. With this in mind, if you’re a commercial cleaning company, it is crucial that you need to find the best commercial pressure washer there is in the market. Here are some buying tips to help you find the best commercial pressure washer for your business:

Electricity-Powered Or Gas?


Most pressure washers can work either through electricity or gas – and the best model may depend on what your company’s needs are. If you go to different places and an electric socket may be hard to find, for you, the best choice would be to go for the gas-powered pressure washers. For instance, if you’re cleaning up trucks, most of which are parked in a large space with no electric outlet in sight, the gas-powered washer is definitely your best option for this.

Otherwise, if your cleaning jobs compromise cleaning within the building or in areas where an electric socket is available, you can go by with an electricity-powered one.

PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch)


The PSI is the amount of energy or pressure on the water once it starts to hit the surface. Most residential pressure washers have a PSI 1300 on average. While this may do the job done quickly, for professional cleaners, you’d want to go with more than 1300 since you may be dealing with areas that are larger than residential buildings.

Find out the perfect PSI for your company’s needs. You may find commercial pressure washers that range from 2000 to 4200 PSIs. These are the ones that are commonly used by commercial cleaning companies as it helps get rid of the grime easily, and covers larger surfaces within a shorter period of time.

If you’re a commercial cleaning company, getting the lower PSI models may work – but it’s not as efficient as the high-powered ones. Of course, the higher the PSI is, the more expensive it is – so make sure that you take this into consideration when looking for pressure washers for your company.

Vehicle Mount


Another feature that will help you find the best commercial pressure washer for your cleaning company is the vehicle mount. It’s a given fact that you’ll start to visit other’s properties, and it only makes sense that you’ll be hauling it around with you in your service vehicle. It’s super convenient and a great feature that the washer has a vehicle mount. This saves you time and space, making it easier to bring in your vehicle regardless of where you’re going.

Looking for the best commercial pressure washer for your cleaning business is a crucial step to provide only the best cleaning quality you have to offer for your clients. If you have to spend time on it, researching the best brands, checking for comparisons, and finding features that your business needs, do it. Do not skimp on this process. At the end of the day, this matters for your business and can significantly help you provide only the best cleaning service there is. More at

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