Best Toddler Night Light

VAVA VA-CL006 Night Lights for Kids

1.Kids Star Night Light

Kids Star Night Light

Customer reviews:

1.Wow!!!! This is absolutely worth your money! We love it…my granddaughter will love it too the colors are vivid, the shapes nice, it lights ceiling to walls all around, it’s easy to work comes with small instruction leaflet, it’s as described, delivery was safe unbroken, be careful watching it while standing up you can get dizzy LOL …I did anyway !

2.This best toddler night light is lights up the whole room with stars and it rotates and changes colors..perfect gift for the kids

3.I absolutely love this night light. It has muli functionings the vidio that I shared is just one. It’s battery operated and electric. My little ones love it! I like to that it comes with a shade to dem the lights like a night light.

4.This is a beautiful edition to my room. I use it for my, now, one year old. And he loves it. I thought there were less features than there was but after experimenting with it I realized it can do solid colors including white. It can be a combination of all the colors together and not only does it rotate on it’s own but there is also a star dancing feature that jumps through colors. It is very nice to look at but also facinatea the kids.

5.This item came fast and in a little box. At first I thought it looked a little small but as soon as you turn it on it glows up the WHOLE room. The directs are easy to use and I love that you can choose to use batteries or a wall plug. My kids were so excited to use it and it was a perfect night light. You can have it rotate and pick color chooses. Definitely recommend.

2.Night Light and Sleep Sounds Machine

Night Light and Sleep Sounds Machine

Customer reviews:

1.Love this product. The only thing I would change is when you set a nap timer, I expected it to work just like the sleep trainer, where, after a preset amount of time, the clock turns green and the child knows he/she can come out of their room, if they’re awake. Nope, when you set a nap timer, it sets it like an alarm clock so as soon as it goes off, you hear the typical alarm clock buzzer, which, in my case, woke my kids up from an otherwise peaceful slumber. It would be much gentler to have it work as the sleep trainer does so that if the kids sleep past the preset time, it doesn’t wake them up.

2.My daughter is Autistic so I’m not sure my review will apply to all children, but I hope this helps.

My daughter wakes up all different hours of the night, and becomes disoriented and confused as to what time it is, so she needs my help to tell her to go back to sleep. It could be 11:30 pm, 2:30 am, 5:30 am, or all three. She’s never slept past 7AM, so we don’t need/use the alarm clock feature. I purchased this clock so she would have a visual way (without my prompt) of determining if she should get up and play, or if she needed to go back to sleep. I’m hoping that she will not have to rely on me forever, and will eventually learn to put herself back to sleep without me.

She wasn’t very pleased with it last night, she didn’t like that the face was sleeping and there was no light, she wanted it to have a night light, and finally asked me to turn it around so she didn’t have to look at it. However, she was delighted when she got up at 5:30 and the yellow light was on indicating she wake up.

She had trouble distinguishing between the yellow and green light, so in her infinite wisdom she said it was chartreuse and she could get up to play, lol. I didn’t argue with her, I’ll just set the clock an hour later, so she can get up when any color light comes on. I assume this might only be an issue for special needs children or much younger children.

My preference would be to have an app on my smart phone, where I could simply program the colors (or off) for each hour. 7PM – 6AM Blue/Sleep, 6AM – 12PM Green/Awake, 12PM – 2PM Pink/Rest, 2PM – 6PM Green/Awake, 6PM – 7PM Purple/Get Ready for Bed, 7PM – 6AM Blue/Sleep. This way the clock would not only promote her staying asleep or in bed at night, but help her maintain a schedule during the day.

For Autistic People, knowing what to expect is very calming/reassuring, so when the light turned off, she felt like there was no indicator as to what she should be doing, so sitting there waiting for the light was frustrating for her. Again this may not be an issue for typical Children.

It’s great that the buttons lock, so it can’t be accidentally reprogrammed. It came with everything we needed right our of the well packaged box. And works as expected.

I hope future generations become a little more high tech, and user customizable. Otherwise a solid product.

3.I ordered two of these for my 2 and 3 year olds and they LOVE them. I love them, too. They’re so cute. The features are easy to set and use. They sounds are great. The kids love picking their nightlight colors. The nap timer works great. THE CONTROLS LOCK AND ARE ON THE BOTTOM, which is huge because my kids are button-pushers.

I took one star away because the two year old dropped one of the clocks and the screen went black and the power jack slipped into the interior of the clock. I would think these would be a little more shock resistant since they are for kids, but I didn’t see how hard it hit the ground or with what force it may have been thrown. I only saw the devastation on my three year old’s face when “Alarm Clocky” went black.

That said, we love them enough that we ordered a replacement immediately.

4.I’m using Mella only for their sleep/wake up light and it’s working great!! My twin daughters now stay in their bedroom until the green light appears. Before they would go into my bedroom or call me when they woke up at around 6am (many times much earlier), now they are sleeping until later (I guess and added benefit as they were waiting for the yellow light to turn on) and if they are awake when the yellow light turns on they play or just wait in their beds, and as soon as the light turns green they are out of their bedroom.

It’s been amazing for us! I haven’t used their night lights or sounds so I can’t say anything about them. Oh, and Mella is super cute! My kids loved her as soon as they saw her and thought she was a little robot! I searched for other wake up lights and most of them were ugly or had a blue light on for the night (and blue light is not good for sleeping, makes your brain think it’s daytime! Red or Amber would work best). I wish it only had different wake up times like for the week and weekend, but oh well, as it is I’m very happy with it.

5.We LOVE this clock. “Clocky,” as we named him, really helps our little guy stay in his room longer. It’s easy to set, looks classy, and works great.

Bought it for our 2.5-year-old who would wake [us] up with “MOMMY! DAAADDDY!” ” I WANT SOME MILK!” and then climb over the baby gate and come poke me in the face. No longer. He now looks at me and says “daddy, clocky’s not awake yet, we have to wait to come out of our room!” And just to be sure, when we didn’t have the clock while we were moving, this kid tried to escape the house in the middle of the night through every portal of the house (probably including the A/C duct – mission impossible-style). This clock is amazing.

3.Plug-in Night Light for Kids

Plug-in Night Light for Kids

Customer reviews:

1.This is an absolutely perfect night light! I didn’t even realize how amazing this product would be, especially for the price. Just the right amount of light. Lights up the area very well, not too bright or too dim. Easy to use … just touch the light on its touch-sensitive dot to change the color. Every time the light turns off and on again (it automatically senses the ambient light in the room), it remembers the color you had selected previously.

Exactly what I hoped for! I love keeping these on a warm color (more yellow or red) in order to sleep better at night (bright white or blue is not good for sleeping … especially in kids’ rooms). A terrific product and I’ll probably buy another pair to use in my other rooms. Love them!

2.I was looking for a plugin night light for my kids room since they keep losing and/or destroying rechargeable ones. This one had no sharp corners, color changing, and toucj sensor button so I thought I’d give it a try. It is just what I needed. No sharp corners for them to get hurt in the middle of the night. Turns off automatically during day time, and touch sensor is a nice edition that you barely have to touch to change colors. I have put on right next to kids bed and they enjoy the color changing feature, and I like the fact thay they won’t lose it anymore.

It has a very soft glow. Perfect amount of brightness for night light.

3.The description and the pictures hit all my needs when I came across this night light so I thought why not give it a try. It’s a good buy! The light turns on/off automatically, which is a must in my mind. Most importantly the light doesn’t have any sharp edges, openings or any other way for a kid to tamper with it and get hurt. The light changing is done by touching the sensor, not pushing a clicking button so there is no noise to wake a little one sleeping. Overall, I’m very happy it. Give it a try.

4.I had been using a random LED night light in our bathroom that I thought was pretty neat: low energy draw, not too bright at night, and not distracting (decor-wise) in a high traffic area. As soon as I plugged in /this/ nightlight and started cycling through the color options, I knew we were on a whole new level! I absolutely love the color options and how intuitive the control mechanisms are, and I love the warm white light (compared with the cool blue “first-gen-LED-white” we’d had before).

For the price this set is an incredible value and I recommend it to everyone. I only had one place in kind for a nightlight but when I found out how neat and customizable it was, I was thrilled we’d gotten a 2 pack.

The only thing that could be improved is that the light sensor, which turns it off/on, is so sensitive that when I stand between the nightlight and bathroom window during the day, it will flicker on/off as I move (e.g. leaning over sink to brush my teeth). I suggest that in future models, the light stays on for 30 seconds once it comes on so the flickers aren’t annoying in such cases.

5.These are great! The 2-pack came packaged well and they are perfect night lights for our needs. Since they are LED, they just sip electricity and I expect they will last for a couple decades (as most LED’s do). The size is nice (not too small) and the LED color function is easy to use – comes on as soft white, one tap starts cycling through colors, another tap stops on the color you want (or just let it continue to cycle). Great value!

4.Night Light Projector

Night Light Projector

Customer reviews:

1.I’m one of those people who think that I don’t need to read a users manual. How hard can it be to operate a night light right? Boy was I wrong. Yeah, you just plug it in and it’ll work BUT, if you’re seeing distorted shapes, that’s because you’re supposed to open the dome cap to separate the two black dome scenery that comes nested together. Have an older child who’s too cool for twinkling stars or baby dolphins? No problem, leave out the scenes then replace the dome cap and it’s a regular warm ambient night light.

A variety of colored lights and movement combination options! I love that it’s suitable for ages newborn to pre-adolescence. I’ve only used it plugged in, so can’t comment on battery life. But it’s a great option for travel! Only 2 things that it lacks is auto off timer and a remote which would probably cost more to have. And also it doesn’t come with a wall adapter.

2.I am so glad I purchased this. My son has a hard time winding down,and relaxing to fall asleep. This projector helps him to focus calming down more and helping him feel sleepy and safe. I stay in his room with him a little bit sometimes and we look at or watch it together. Typically I use the usb option,but batteries are a great too for when we lose power or to bring along with us on visits.

This projection lamp lets you control the settings/modes,which I haven’t really seen before and I feel a lot of parents will appreciate since all kids have different needs,and even different needs/wants at different times,this really handles them all. It comes with two templates- starry night sky and under the sea which is good to combat repetition and boredom. I don’t know if they sell additional templates,but I’m going to look into it.

3.I got this as a gift for my little nephew. He is 3 and afraid of the dark. I won’t say this cured him of his fear, because he is still scared, but it did make bedtime easier on him and his parents. At least he doesn’t freak out as badly and loves the under the sea creatures that it emits. He also like the stars but won’t stay alone in the room with just that one on. It is made about as well as to be expected for a kids night light at this price and I am pretty sure it will at least survive through his afraid of the dark years.

4.Full disclosure, I don’t like to sleep in a completely dark room. My thoughts race too much and I just end up not being able to sleep because I scare myself. I don’t like to keep the overhead light on as it’s too bright and I don’t get a good slumber because I keep waking up due to the light.

I’ve tried eye masks but I’m not a huge fan of them. I decided to give this one a try and I love it. I like that you can choose just the color you want (blue, red, green or combination) or you can turn on the regular light, or do a combination so it’s a little brighter (which of course I do). The lower you put it, the more of the room it covers but the pictures get more blurry.

I’ve placed mine on the night stand next to me and it’s a good spot for me. There is a dome you place on top of the pattern but I prefer to leave it off. But when I do this, the light of course is brighter as it shines out of the pattern, certain openings are larger than others. For instance, the octopus is a large area that the light shines through, so as it rotates the octopus and faces me, the light is bright but not a big deal as I’ll just lay with my back to the projector so it’s not an issue. Now I may have to purchase another one because my 10 year old sons like it and want one for their room too.

5.The baby absolutely loves watching this projector as she falls asleep. Her favorite film is the ocean theme. It is soothing and keeps her entertained until she falls asleep. It was also a great addition to our space themed party when we used the moon and stars film. I love all the color options. You can choose red, green, blue, purple, or various mixes of those colors. They can be set to rotate around the room or just stay in place. I am happy it can be plugged in because we keep it on all the time when she is asleep. It is a wonderful, quality product.

5.LED Nursery Night Lights for Kids

LED Nursery Night Lights for Kids

Customer reviews:

1. I am SO excited I got this! My son’s other night light went out so I needed a replacement. His favorite color is green and he asked for a green night light. I found this one on Amazon. I was a bit concerned that it might be too bright but it is perfect! In all color modes it emits a very soft light – enough to produce a glow but nothing blinding or too bright for a child’s bedroom. I just bought another for my 20 month old’s room. Great buy!

2.Such a great night light! My babies are into everything, so I didn’t want something that would be on a wall plug and immediately attract their attention. This is great because they can play with it and I can see in their room at night. I got the one with a remote and it is so easy. Plus, they love to hit is when it changes colors. It’s cute and useful! So far the battery has lasted 2 days. I plugged it in for a few hours first, then just let it go and it has been on a lot. My favorite setting is the darker blue! Of course, being silicone hair and fibers stick to it, but it easily wipes off!

3.We ordered the owl and received the teddy bear, so we considered returning it. My 3 year old refuses to sleep in her own bed and we were finding her asleep on the couch every night. After we put the teddy bear in her bedroom that first night she didn’t come out. So we decided to keep it and I’m glad we did. She has been sleeping in her own bed ever since. I really like the transition mode: the colors change gently and the glow is soft.

The bright white is really bright and there is a mode where the colors transition suddenly but we don’t use that one. My daughter plays catch with the bear, she taps it and squeezes it, and it always returns to it’s normal shape. Even though we didn’t receive the item we ordered, we’re okay with that because ultimately the end result is my daughter sleeps through the night in her own bed.

4.Oh my goodness! Our 2 year old sucks on the tags of his blankys. He wakes up often throughout the night and we have to go in and find the tag and give it to him. We bought this bear and I dim it so it’s not too bright but light enough so he can see. It stays on all night long but you can set the timer for it to go off if you prefer. He now wakes up and finds his blankys and the tags on his own and falls back to sleep. This thing is super soft! We sit it on the dresser at night. I love that it’s rechargeable so we don’t have to replace batteries constantly. The charge will last 2 full nights.

5.I was very skeptical about this, but I was willing to try because I wanted my son to sleep through the night and in his own bed and I had tried everything! My son loved the bear and liked having the light right next to him and easily accessible when he does wake up. We had a little hiccup with it at first becasue it seemed to struggle with holding a charge and lasting through the night. However, the seller replaced it immediately and the new one works great. My son has generally been sleeping in his own bed and when he does wake up, he goes back to sleep easily. I’m happy with it so far and I really think it does help to transition kids to their own bed. Very happy!

6.VAVA VA-CL006 Night Lights for Kids

VAVA VA-CL006 Night Lights for Kids

Customer reviews:

1.This little huevo, as I like to call it, has changed my life. I absolutely love this creation. I can wake up in the middle of the night to breastfeed without reaching over for a lamp and carry it wherever I want. It doesn’t heat up so it’s safe for babies and kids. It holds its charge so I can have it on standby and use it for weeks with no worry. This would make any mother or mother to be happy.

2.This night light is so adorable! I love the fact that you can switch between white and yellow lighting. There’s a way to lock it so it doesn’t respond to touch but it’s only on the white light which is a bummer but it helps when my 18 month old is trying to dim and brighten it over and over at bedtime. The lighting levels are great! It gets really low which I love because I co sleep and bright nightlights make it difficult for me to fall asleep. The stickers are so cute but they don’t stick too well with toddlers constantly handling it so if you add them you may want to put scotch tape over it so they don’t come off. My son absolutely adores this light and has lovingly named him “yellow”.

3.This night light works perfect for my child’s room. My child is able to have it by their bed at night and read before they fall asleep and then adjust the light by touch to lower the light to use for a night light. It is easy to charge and use. I like that it has a docking station and also an option to hang above the head. It would be perfect for camping and overnight stays too. My child loved also that it came with stickers that you can make faces on the night light. It is a lot of fun and a way to be creative.

4.Absolutely LOVE this light! It could easily pass for an Apple product bc it’s so innovative and chic and easy to use. I love how it can toggle between a soft yellow light or an LED white light. And I like how you can just tap it to go from bright to dim. No buttons or switches to fumble around for in the dark. And no batteries (it’s rechargeable) or cords so you can carry it from room to room as needed.

I use it out in the living room on the back of the couch at night when my newborn twins are sleeping on their boppy pillows or in our bedroom late at night to tend to them in their bassinets so I don’t wake my husband up. I also take it into the nursery and set it on the changing table late at night so I don’t wake the babies up too much. I can’t speak highly enough about this light! Very high quality—they could easily sell this thing for $45-50 bc it’s really that nice. In a world of cheaply made crappy stuff it’s refreshing.

5.I LOVE this light! I keep it on the soft yellow light setting and leave it on throughout the night next to my bed. It’s just the right amount of light to clearly see my baby in the night while she sleeps in her bedside bassinet, but not so bright that it bothers my husband while he sleeps on the other side of the bed. I love the double tap feature because it makes turning it on/off a breeze, and the light “remembers” the last setting it was on so I never have to fiddle with it.

7.Tecboss Toddler Night Light

Tecboss Toddler Night Light

Customer reviews:

1.I purchased this product for my 6 year old who is enjoying reading at night after story time. Instead of having to turn off her light on the other side of the room when she is finished her mother and I thought this was a better idea. It has worked out beautifully. The product itself is a great little design with a soft gel like dome (chicks head) and easily turns off/on with a slight push atop of the head. Although it is char-gable; The only downfall I would say is that it does not come with a wall adaptor, I am guessing this is because of it being sold internationally? It does however come with a USB charging cable.

2.Love this nightlight. Our toddler broke a glass light lamp and I was horrified. So I was looking for something unbreakable to replace that. This is the perfect night light for kids. My daughter thinks it’s super cute, loves turning it on and off, and it will not break even if she throws it on the floor, which she does a lot! She hasn’t mastered how to dim and brighten it though, but I didn’t think that was the easiest feature of this light. Also there is no light bulb gleaming/glaring at your eyes. We even travel with this night light because it’s hard to predict what kind of lighting will be available in a hotel room. I recommend this night light to every family with young kids!

3.Bought this for my second youngest who is suddenly scared of the dark. He loves it to pieces. It made bedtime so much easier for him. And the light is dimmable which is great for his brothers whom he shares a room with. Now, with this little chick light, younger bro has the light he needs and older bros have the relative dark they need. The shell part on the model we got is brown, not white, but it’s still cute, soft, works easily and dims well, so we’re happy.

4.My 2 year old is absolutely IN LOVE with his “Chickadee”. He carries it around with him even when it’s not lit. Love how soft it is with the hard base. This was our “3 times, a charm” night light. The first one we got was to soft and deflated and when he picked it up, the bottom fell out. The second one was a bear but was wayyyy to bright. This one is PERFECT. It may not have different colors like the others did, but it’s sturdy and soft and the best feature of all is the fact that it can be dimmed.

I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone. It already comes with a 3 month warranty on it’s one and all you need to do is go to the website and register your purchase for a 12 month warranty. We are definitely not disappointed and you won’t be either….Bring home a Chickadee for your babe OR yourself! Lol

5.Adorable little rechargeable night light. Simply plug in the provided USB cord into your computer to charge up the nightlight and you’re ready to take this little chicken anywhere you’d like. I love the soft feel of the material and that you can control the intensity of the brightness by pressing on the top of the light. Once you find just the right hue, the light will always turn on with that intensity. I’ve placed mine on my nightstand for getting up in the middle of the night. The light color is soothing and works great.

8.Soft Silicone Puppy LED Lamp with Sensitive Touch Control

Soft Silicone Puppy LED Lamp with Sensitive Touch Control

Customer reviews:

1.What a delightful product. My grandson tenderly touches his pups nose and it lights up. The ease of recharging is excellent and so nice we don’t have to use batteries. I’ve seen the 4 year old manage his night disturbances quietly and confidently by turning his pup on. It’s adorable as well. We got two, one for me! Also note that it is well made and child did not pull it apart like another silicon light we tried.

2.My son has a fear of the dark and it was always a challenge for him to go to bed and stay in bed. We got him this cute dog night light and problem solved ! He actually thanked me and said he’s not scared of going to bed anymore and he can fall asleep faster. It’s really an adorable night light. It’s squishy not hard so it’s not gonna hurt them when they have it in bed with them. It has a 30 to 60 minute timer for auto shut off. I would recommend this to any parent who has a kid that is afraid of the dark.

3.Easy to charge. Great toddler night light. Only drawback is that it might be easy for a child to turn off the sleep feature after you’ve turned it on leaving a dead light in need of a charge. If you push the button on the bottom, it activates a sleep timer where it turns off after so long. If the child turns the light off and back on, that sleep timer is turned off again. When your kid is smart enough to do that so it stays on, it needs to be charged a lot! This is being used with a 4 year old, but they started using it when they were 3.

4.This is such a sleep saver! My 7 year old used to wake up and call for parents in the middle of the night when needing to go to the bathroom or anything. No matter how many times we’ve shown him the switch of the Ikea nigh-light on his wall he wouldn’t use it and keep calling every night. This doggie is perfect — he loves it because it is so cute and soft, it lays flat next to his pillow and he turns it on when he wakes. No more having to run to his room. Such a relief for sleep-deprived parents!

5.My child loves it! It’s become his security item. I got it because my kiddo wakes up and wants milk in the middle of the night and I thought it would be useful if he had a nightlight he could bring with him as he walked with me to get refill his sippy so he doesnt trip on anything. It is a really cute nightlight. Totally doesnt have motion detection, you tap the dog’s nose to turn it on and off and you hold your finger on his nose for ten seconds to adjust brightness. You can also select the timer option on his belly for 30 or 60 mins.

8.Night Lights for Kids/Babies

Night Lights for Kids

Customer reviews:

1.We LOVE this toddler night light. He’s adorable, has a warm glow, and feels like a soft vinyl. His long neck makes him easy to grab. The charging base makes it very easy for little ones to “plug” him back in. The timed light is great, but my daughter loves when we hold the button down until it blinks 3x, then it stays on until we manually turn it off. It’s bright enough that my 6 year old feels cozy and safe, while it’s soothing and warm enough to not bother the 12 year old in the same room. I love that the 6 year old can bring it with her when she comes in our room in the middle of the night, so I don’t need to turn on a light to get her settled. I wish I’d found him earlier, because he has saved my sanity plenty of nights now!

2.This giraffe was an amazing solution to our 2 year old’s sudden need to never be in darkness. A great alternative to having the lights on. The light is bright enough to read books in bed or in the car at night. I love that it turns off after 15 minutes, so she can turn it on again with ease if she is still awake, but still sleep in darkness. With that said, I’m really disappointed that after 6 or 7 weeks of use the light no longer works. This it’s likely the result of being thrown a couple times on hardwood floors. So, if you are giving it to a little one know that it is not completely toddler proof.

3.This is so cute! My 5 year old has to have a night light or she refuses to sleep. We moved to a new home and her bedroom is farther away which I was nervous would make bedtime more difficult. This lite gadget has saved the day. Super easy to charge, the light is Amber in hue which does not interrupt sleep hormones and it is cool to the touch. She absolutely adores it. I’ll have to order another for my other child.

4.I ordered this for my youngest son to sleep with at night. He likes to look at books and is afraid of the dark, so I needed something that could tackle both. This light is perfect! The light is the perfect brightness and the material is soft enough that he can sleep with it. It’s a little smaller than I was expecting, but I’m not too concerned about it. My son loves it! Highly recommended!

5.My toddler loves to take this night light to bed with him. He turns it on whenever he feels scared or he needs to see whatever toy he took to bed with him, lol. I highly recommend this. Battery life seems pretty long, it hasn’t died on us yet, but then my son loves to put it on its charger at least every other day.

9.Night Light Projector Ocean Wave

Night Light Projector Ocean Wave

Customer reviews:

1.I can’t believe how small and light this machine is, which is amazing! It makes it great to take with you anywhere you need so your baby can sleep. It has many colors and sounds with good volume and it’s really easy to use. When you turn off the lights there’s no small annoying light in any button like some other machines have, you can also put the volume complete down and have only the light on. It comes with a remote control that needs batteries and those aren’t provided but that’s not an issue to me. It also comes with an aux cable in case you want to play your own thing and the USB cable to plug it, which doesn’t come with the wall adapter, but I have so many of those it was actually not an issue. I’m very pleased with this purchase!

2.This is so cool! I bought this for my SO because he can’t sleep without sound. He would leave the TV on all night in the bedroom and it would drive me crazy because I can’t sleep if I hear people talking, or music. Every time I would turn off the TV, he would wake up… But this has really natural sounds, and the light show is really cool! There are several colors and sounds. My favorite is the wind howling. It’s so natural so it doesn’t bother me, and my SO loves it, we leave it on with a timer and it puts us both to sleep.

3.This toddler night light is really nice. You can tilt it so that it plays where you want. Personally I tilt it against the wall so the room isn’t very bright. There are different colors that display and the light rotates around. You can stop the rotation with the remote if needed. Personally I use this as I nurse my baby and need a light and some “white noise” for him. I personally like the rain sounds the best. The remote works in my bedroom from bout 10-12 feet away. Any further and I think it might not work. It is USB powered and does not come with a plug, so you will need to use your own. It does come with an AUX cord to play your own music.

4.This is really bright! I did not expect how it will light up almost the entire ceiling. You can choose different color options to display, to rotate, to flash rapidly, or not have any light and just sound. The timer is option is a good addition. The different sounds you can choose from are crystal clear sounding and there is a great variety of nature animals and elements. My infant already loves listening to this. We had a hand me down sound machine that I am replacing and this blows that one out of the water. And the remote is perfect for when I’m nursing from across the room, esp if I forgot to turn it on!

5.The projector is really nice. I have a basic projector like this that I got years ago as a gift and love these things. This one is an upgrade from the basic one because it has a remote so you can turn it on across the room and you also don’t have to cycle through buttons to set it how you want. It has sounds too that are very clear and peaceful to listen to. I am impressed with how good the speaker is. The only thing I wish it had was a plug because it only comes with the cord to plug in a USB port, but a lot of things now don’t include the plug.

10.Night Light for Kids

Night Light for Kids

Customer reviews:

1.I chose to use batteries instead of plugging in the cord because my 16 month old daughter loves to play with this. The first night it was way too bright. Her room looked like the sun was rising in the morning even when it was 9pm. It didn’t seem to bother her sleep, but it seemed way too bright to me.

However, the next day it was dimmer and each day after it was a little dimmer as the batteries ran down. I run this light 11 hours each night. After a week it dimmed so far that it was no longer an effective night light. My solution to the brightness problem is to mix used and brand new batteries to get a dim light because using all brand new batteries resulted in a very bright light. BUT, this means we are going to use a lot of batteries over time. Plugging in the charging cord isn’t going to work for us because it’s full brightness.

Mostly we use this as a toy. It’s very durable, my daughter has dropped it 20 times already and it’s still holding up great. She hugs it and kisses it. It’s a little difficult to hold because of the shape, I’ve dropped it many times myself.

This cloud is not my best recommendation for a night light. However, because my daughter loves it so much and we have found use for it, I’m still giving it a 5 star rating.

2.My daughter loves her little cloud nightlight. It is not so little, actually- bigger than my hand. It is a smooth-textured hard durable nightlight that is safe for the kids to hold and it is not something that gets hot. It plugs in to a special USB plug and when it uses wall power it saves the battery power. I tried using it before installing batteries and the plug works well. It can sit up on a dresser as a nightlight/nightlamp, or your little one can fall asleep with it in his or her arms.

Then it is quick to flip the switch to off. This smiling cloud is such a cute and safe nightlamp. The batteries are locked away (screwdriver opening only) so you don’t need to worry about those popping out on your kiddo either. Great design and not easily broken! Lol the soft material lights are cute and breakable unfortunately, so this light really is perfect.

3.This little cloud nightlight is absolutely adorable. It’s so cute to look at, it stays cool to the touch when it is on, it takes a AAA battery or you can use USB cable. I will say that it is very bright, I put it in the corner of the room and over by the bed gives just the perfect amount of light. I’m not afraid of my granddaughter touching it or caring it around because it’s wonderfully cool to the touch. I would certainly Recommend this adorable little light.

4.This little cutie was so easy to set up and use. First you have the option of using some AAA batteries. I opted out because I am giving it to my son for his new baby. It worked much better than I expected. It puts out a very soft but somewhat bright light (see video). All I had to do was plug the (included) USB connector into a wall plug usually used for a phone charger. (not included in the package). Turn it on and you are good to go. I love the soft feel of this lamp…. The video shows the brightness of the lamp.. Plus, if you put batteries in it, you can let the baby play with it. And can you believe it is high efficient energy saving, such a plus for beginning parents on low incomes.

5.My girls (5 and 7) are both afraid of the dark and like having a night light. I wanted to get them a new, cute one and found this.It’s super cute, small enough to not be bulky but big enough to put off enough light in their room.It comes with a USB charging chord so that it can be plugged in (wall piece not included) or take batteries (4 AAA, not included) for travel (we’re using it for camping.).It has two settings for light, half or full power. Doesn’t get warm and looks adorable.Definitely well worth the money.

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